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A few years back, I was chatting with a mate about our good ol' Norn Irish weather. This guy was from Colorado originally and since moving to NI, the biggest thing he missed were the seasons back home - from proper sunny blue-sky summers to white-out, waist-high snow in the long winters. And in 'fall', everywhere was crisp, cool and red.  

In Northern Ireland, I guess we know it's always going to rain - it's just a matter of how much of the season can squeeze in around the drizzle!

So with winter almost all but upon us, on this chance sunny Sunday Max and I went in search of the last of the autumn leaves around Belfast's Barnett Demesne and Malone House...


So yeah, we found the leaves :)

Also got chatting to the guys at the Belfast Activity Centre - nice folk that carry out awesome charity work - helping young people to expand their personal and social development through outdoor adventure learning. A good time to check them out - Santa's here!