Sunday Funday

After months of promising to my nephews and niece, last weekend's short burst of winter sun allowed me to take them down to Castlewellan, to check out a few of the activities at Life Adventure Centre.  

First up, some banter around the mountain bike and walking trails...

...we stumbled across the lesser spotted Dab Tree...

...and here's the super-cool-biker-niece. Totally dude. 

After a quick round of cappuccino and hot chocolates, we were back out into the crisp weather with our wet suits on, for a bit of kayaking around the Castlewellan lake. Only the one cheesy pose photo - will have to invest in a waterproof Go Pro.!

 Image: Wiki

Image: Wiki

Last on the day's schedule was a dash around the maze - body temperatures were soon back to normal. How amazing are the Mournes as a backdrop? 

Big thanks to Vickie and John at the Centre for looking after us the whole day. We'll be back soon to try out the rest of the activities!