If you haven’t been before, there’s only one way we can describe this place.

It’s your favourite Chinese/Indian/Thai takeaway meal.

Even though there’s a billion other things you want to try, you go straight for the one you love.

That’s Rostrevor Forest for us.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, rain, sun, wind or snow… the same view looks different each time.

rostrevor-kilbroney-forest-county-down-mountainbiking-northern-ireland (14).jpg



Rostrevor Forest is around 20 minutes from Newry in County Down.

The forest can be accessed from a few different points. We normally use the Kilbroney Forest Park entrance, as it has all you need in terms of parking, toilets, food and drink.

“The Big Stone“ - Image: Discover NI

“The Big Stone“ - Image: Discover NI

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The quickest way to explore the forest is on two-wheels. Even if you don’t consider yourself a ‘mountain biker’, as long as you’ve the ability to ride a bike, there are easy trails to follow.

And if you’re worried about fitness - don’t be! You can hire electric bikes which give you assistance going up hills. They’re brilliant (having only just tried one last week ourselves)!

If you do want to stick to walking though, there are still spectacular views to be had, especially at Cloughmore Stone or Kodak Corner, looking out over Carlingford Lough and back towards Warrenpoint and the Ring of Gullion. Check out our previous adventure in the area here.

Whether you walk or bike it - keep an eye out for others along the way!

Views from other adventures >

^Pic 4 = James Martin^


After unpacking at the upper car park…

rostrevor-kilbroney-forest-county-down-mountainbiking-northern-ireland (6).jpg
rostrevor-kilbroney-forest-county-down-mountainbiking-northern-ireland (7).jpg

Ten minutes later we tried and failed at not stopping at Kodak Corner.

Impossible to resist a quick pic with views like that!

rostrevor-kilbroney-forest-county-down-mountainbiking-northern-ireland (11).jpg
rostrevor-kilbroney-forest-county-down-mountainbiking-northern-ireland (12).jpg
rostrevor-kilbroney-forest-county-down-mountainbiking-northern-ireland (13).jpg

Following the fire road up the hill (it’s a bit tough this bit) we started our descent on the other side… (enjoying phenomenal views over Rostrevor, Warrenpoint, and the hills back towards Newry and the County Down)…

rostrevor-kilbroney-forest-county-down-mountainbiking-northern-ireland (4).jpg

…making our way into the northern part of the forest.

rostrevor-kilbroney-forest-county-down-mountainbiking-northern-ireland (15).jpg

This is the first we’ve stopped to take pics of the boarded section of the trail. It’s beaut, especially after some rain and the place is looking nice and green.

rostrevor-kilbroney-forest-county-down-mountainbiking-northern-ireland (5).jpg

You will need some riding experience if you want to tackle these though - they can be slippy after rain and you do pick up speed in parts.


And after another bit of riding, this is probably our favourite part of the red trail - photo-wise that is.

rostrevor-kilbroney-forest-county-down-mountainbiking-northern-ireland (3).jpg

It’s like a scene from a movie…some magical Asian forest where heck-knows-what is about to jump out on you!


Thankfully though, nothing to worry about in these woods.

The red trail in total is 27km long, if you wish to do the entire thing.

With trying to get back home for lunchtime ourselves, we skipped a few sections - still out for around two and a half hours in total (some of that was pushing uphill, a lot was freewheeling downhill).

rostrevor-kilbroney-forest-county-down-mountainbiking-northern-ireland (2).jpg
rostrevor-kilbroney-forest-county-down-mountainbiking-northern-ireland (10).jpg

We’ll update this article soon, with full details on everything you need for both walking and biking in the forest…as well as where else to check out while in the area.


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