Holding onto the Summer sun. 

A quiet little seaside town, Donaghadee for ice cream and a walk around it's quaint harbour was the perfect post-night-out-in-Belfast recovery plan. 

Just on the main street in the town centre, The Cabin Ice Cream & Sweet Shop makes it's own delicious ice cream on site. The size and presentation of the thing was awesome - sauce poured into the scooped ice cream, what(?) - although trying not indulge until we got seated down at the harbour was a big mistake. I was like a messy five year old, while my respectable other half looked in on with an expression that matched one of the iPhone hand-over-eyes monkey emojis.

Despite being over 150 years old, the giant lighthouse is prestine on the outside and makes for a great photo prop (as well as alerting ships of impending danger, obviously).

I'll let the pics do the talking. Make sure you check it out sometime!

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