One of our favourite road trips in Northern Ireland, the Antrim Coast. But first, we cut inland and start with exploring one of the best waterfalls in this country.


A simple 30 minute drive from Belfast, Glenoe waterfall is located in the middle of east Antrim. From the car park there, a well-signposted 5 minute walk down brings you to the river - watch your footing as you head over to the waterfall from there as the path is often slippy. If you've a clumsy dog with you, keep them on the lead until you're both familiar with the surroundings.

The waterfall looks best after rainfall and it's a great walk around the immediate trails - though again, these are quite steep in places, so keep your wits.

At several points Max was very nearly successful in testing both our swimming and base jumping skills. 


Glenarm Castle & Walled Garden.

Only including a note of this pit-stop to mark its location for anyone wishing to visit.

This place is definitely on the to-do list for another day, but time was against us and we only paused here to grab a coffee on the way to Glenariff.  Obviously there was time for a pic of Max driving a tractor.  Insert pun-tastic caption here. :)


Oh, and another few photo ops on the way past Carnlough and the spectacular part of the coast just before reach Waterfoot.

Again, another few places that need more time spent exploring. Onwards to our main destination for the day...


Glenariff Forest Park.

The drive up to Glenariff Forest park is just as spectacular as the walk itself.  Sharp bends, mini-waterfalls and breathtaking vistas of a land once severed by glaciers makes it better to be the passenger on this road.  Check out this drone video of the area. Class.

There are a number of places to start the forest walk - with hungry bellies needing attention, we stocked up at the Glenariff Tea House and headed off on the paths behind.  The popular walking trail has some great waterfalls and plenty of places to explore - depending on how long you've got, signposts guide you on several route options.

Thanks for the read - more pics below!