"UNSUITABLE FOR COACHES" said the brown sign, pointing down a road that definitely (maybe) wasn't there before.

That's how this all started. On a road trip along the well-travelled Causeway Coastal route, we spot the turn off and find one of our favourite places in Northern Ireland. Skip forward a few years, has been created and the hunt for (or stumbling across) places-we-didn't-know-existed continues.

Our first article on Kinbane Castle/Head can be found via the link at the bottom of this page.  You'll get directions, location map, more pics, info and even a video of 30+ dolphins. 

For now, a few pics of our stop this time round. 

Instantly spectacular views from the car park...


...however, in the time it took to eat a sandwich, Ballycastle in the distance started feeling under the weather

kinbane_head_castle_ni_explorer_northern_ireland (5)

After a short walk, our first sight of Kinbane Head. What's that saying, "...without the rain, there would be no rainbow"? Point proven. 


Though it looks like it's literally just dumped its pot of gold into the water... don't run for your scuba gear just yet.  Likely just the meeting of currents.  

Or is it?

Note the red arrow above - it's pointing to a red-jacketed human beneath it to give that giant outcrop of rock a sense of scale. 

Moving on. 

Now halfway along the headland and looking back - make sure you check out the old fisherman's cottage, it's pretty cool (further pics and info on it in original article, link below).

kinbane_head_castle_ni_explorer_northern_ireland (5)

Amazing panoramic views, looking back along the north coast of Northern Ireland, over to Rathlin and onwards to Scotland (about 30km away from here).

Can you see why this is one of our favourite places in NI?  Don't be going and telling those tourists* now...

(*We're all tourists!)

Click the image below for the original Kinbane article, with directions, dolphins, etc. 👍

Or scroll on down for more road trip ideas...


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