This is one of the most frustrating places to go in Northern Ireland.

More on that later.


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Crom is a castle and estate perched just on the edge of Upper Lough Erne - that’s the bottom one if you’re looking at a map - and is one of the nicest walks in County Fermanagh.

^ A VERY tall Sequoia tree

^ A VERY tall Sequoia tree




Whether you’re coming from Belfast, Derry~L’Derry or Dublin, the journey is approximately 2 hours long - so do what we did and fit in a few places on your adventure (links to other Fermanagh highlights at the bottom of this page).

Coming from Belfast or Derry~L’Derry, head in the direction of Ennsikillen and then onwards to Lisnaskea. It’s another 15 minutes from there. Coming from Dublin, you’ll be taking the inland route via Cavan and then onwards to Newtownbutler.

All routes are well signposted the last few miles.

(The signs don’t actually have that hashtag on them)

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Once in the estate, you’ll be well guided to the car park, passing these old houses on the way. Very picturesque AND you can actually stay in them - there are 7 holiday cottages in total at Crom Estate!

crom_castle_national_trust_fermanagh_northern_ireland_ni_explorer (8).jpg

Starting the walk along the shoreline, you’ll pass the original Crom Castle - make sure you explore all around it and also…

crom_castle_national_trust_fermanagh_northern_ireland_ni_explorer (1).jpg

…the two VERY old yew trees just over on the left. They form an amazing canopy for some awesome pics.

You’ll find it hard to hold the young’ns back from climbing them!

(Or old’ns…)

crom_castle_national_trust_fermanagh_northern_ireland_ni_explorer (3).jpg
crom_castle_national_trust_fermanagh_northern_ireland_ni_explorer (2).jpg
crom_castle_national_trust_fermanagh_northern_ireland_ni_explorer (6).jpg

Heading on along the stone path near the shore, keep an eye on your right for the herds of deer (behind the fence).

We didn’t get a chance to take a pic - they dashed when we came near.

crom_castle_national_trust_fermanagh_northern_ireland_ni_explorer (10).jpg
crom_castle_national_trust_fermanagh_northern_ireland_ni_explorer (9).jpg
crom_castle_national_trust_fermanagh_northern_ireland_ni_explorer (11).jpg

And you’ll love this location above.

The view is from an old stone boathouse - look in the window of it for a bit of a surprise. Intentionally not posting our pics of it here!



Remember the talk of frustrations earlier?

Brace yourself.

OK here it is. You can’t get up close to explore the castle. 😢 It’s actually still privately owned.

If you have a few spare pennies though, you can hire the West Wing. Check it out here.

So for now, you’ll have to make do with views of the castle from the access roads as you walk around the estate… until we launch a Kickstarter to hire the place for a proper look-about.

Who’s in? :)

Crom, you’re a big (magnificent) tease!

This article was posted in late October (2018), so no doubt when you’re there in November or December, those conkers will have fallen and the leaves will all be awesomely autumnal (or snowy?)!

Don’t forget to check out the National Trust’s website for admission and facilities info before you go. Although the castle is privately owned, NT manage the majority of the estate around it.


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